Test Post

posted Jun 15, 2002

This is a test post to make sure everything's working correctly.

I moved my main computer system to be a mostly-permenent Linux box for my job, but I missed Radio Userland, which is now the only Windows program keeping me in Windows at all. So I shuffled the stuff I had my 233MHz onto the main machine, and loaded up Windows XP onto my 233MHz Pentium I with 96MB RAM.

That took a while.

XP can be trimmed down to the point where it 'only' consumes 50 MB of main memory, which is comparable to earlier Windows. Since all it will be doing is running RU, it should be tolerable. Using rdesktop and GNOME's panel launcher, I've even got one-click access to the desktop on the machine from the Linux box, which is pretty cool.

Anyhoo, hello! Nice to be able to post again.


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