Fair Use Computer Game

posted Jun 20, 2002

mpawlo writes "As reported by Greplaw, The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) together with Privacyactivism has released an interactive video game designed to educate players about their privacy and fair use rights. The game is focused on digital rights management technologies, online spyware, and data profiling servers. We have seen similar games in Sweden from the Anti-piracy Bureau and Flash movies from BSA in the US, however striking a different tune. Play Carabella." --- Cute idea.

Ugh. Don't you hate it when "your side" does something stupid that makes you cringe? Look, you can't do something cool on purpose. I personally guarentee that the number of people who will actually choose to play this game for any reason other then analysis will number in the low zeros.

It's another case of confusing correlation and causation... there are good video games, so video games can be cool. But the opposite doesn't work; because video games are cool does not make all video games cool. In fact, that crap literally hasn't worked in over 20 years.


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