Mark Bernstein on Palladium

posted Jun 29, 2002

Mark Bernstein says: Speculation: the accounting crisis is going to get much worse, and integrity is about to be rediscovered as a virtue. Politicians think people was security -- more surveillance, more arrests, more patrols -- when they want honesty -- honest effort, honest dedication, and candid accountability. Trust is going to top the charts; Microsoft's (again) getting off on the wrong foot. Palladium is so 90's. [via ViewFromTheHeart]

This would be wonderful... but I'm sure our media will find a way to convince the American public that it's not honesty they want, but more and better soundbites. In a way, isn't that already the essense of the financial problems? Good soundbites on the accounting sheets, no substance behind it? It's going to take more then a few billion dollars in non-existant profits to make the American people decide that maybe they've heard enough lies.

I would very much love to be wrong. The problem with being a cynic is people rarely disappoint, though.


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