posted Jul 31, 2002

I had a nicely researched article here a couple of days ago, but due to a bug in Mozilla and an over-aggresive mouse click, I lost it.

However, I hope to reconstruct it tonight.

In other news, this is a good article.

Copyright has become an interesting topic to a large number of people, so I'm going to assume for the moment that anyone reading this site is aware of Lawrence Lessig's case against copyright term extension, soon to be in the Supreme Court. I wanted to say a couple of things about that.

I'm hoping the lower courts simply shied away from ruling in favor of Lessig on a lower level, as this is clearly an issue that can only be resolved nationally.

In my opinion, this should be an open and shut case. Congress has continually extended copyright. More proposals are on the table to entend copyright. At this point, it is actively naive to think that Congress won't extend copyrights again, as soon as they near expiration, because they've done it over and over and over. This translates to an indefinate copyright, which is the very antithesis of "a limited term", which the Constitution specifies. There's simply no way to argue against these facts, and whatever reasons the corporations can produce should not matter to the Supreme Court... the Constitution has spoken.

If the Supreme Court has the audacity to rule against Lessig despite the clear support from both The Law (i.e., the Constitution) and Common Sense, then I really don't know what legal avenue of recourse is left. Copyright will become completely %100 perverted from its original goal into a weapon to harm people with.

Anyhow, here's hoping the Supreme Court will once again provide some sanity...


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