posted Aug 04, 2002

About... wow, a year and five months ago!... I killed my hard drive. In the end, the most importent thing I lost was music I had written with my synthesizor, which was irreplacable in every sense of the word.

I could have sworn at the time that I had taken a backup of these things, along with a RedHat installation (back when it fit on one CD), but I could never find it, so I assumed I had mis-remembered. Especially after I found a couple of old RedHat CDs with other backups on them, but no music.

Well, yesterday, while at home for some car repairing, I finally found the CD I had correctly thought I made a backup of, and lo, it had everything right up to the point where I stopped composing due to space pressure. (No room for the synth in my college room.) Woohoo! Totally unexpected bonus!


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