John Robb on Jon Udell on MPAA

posted Sep 23, 2002

Jon Udell mixes Kurzweil's technological predictions and the current demands of the MPAA.  If by 2020 we can port our brain to hardware (or at least augment it), it's likely the MPAA will yell and screem about eyeballs and ears providing an "analog hole" that lets anyone who "sees" a movie or "listens" to a song record the experience (and potentially share it).  All jests aside, this is part of the reason I find hobbling of computers so offensive.  At this point, my computer is an extension of my thinking processes (it's just poorly connected). [John Robb's Radio Weblog]

Another angle on the "Who owns your computer?" question. As computers get more capable, it is importent that they be considered just an extension of a human, like any other tool. This is the logical conclusion of that line of reasoning, but it holds before we get to "brain experience transfer".


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