Bayes spam: More promises

posted Dec 09, 2002

Still getting sporadic emails about my Bayes spam predictions. Thanks to those who emailed for staying civil; I expected a bit more flamage.

People are still understandably skeptical (can't blame them, I'd be skeptical too). So, here's another thing I'll do: When the SpamBayes project actually releases files officially, I'll take that and implement the attack I mentioned, to see if I can make it work.

Exactly what I'll do if I can remains to be seen; I sure as *#&$ won't just release the code, though! And if I can't, I'll say so.

I chose that project because it's in Python and that's the language I'm most familiar with. If that project takes "too long" to release, I may look into a C++ Bayes solution... but I'd really prefer Python. (If you know of an existing Python solution, please feel free to let me know. I sampled likely-looking candidates in Paul Graham's list, but I may have missed one.)


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