Scroo yuoo tuu, Meecrusufft

posted Feb 14, 2003

Two weeks ago, Microsoft started intentionally feeding distorted stylesheets to Opera users on Today Opera strikes back. (139 words) [dive into mark]


The Opera corporation also takes the opportunity in its press release to point something very importent out:

"Hergee berger snooger bork," says Mary Lambert, product line manager desktop, Opera Software. "This is a joke. However, we are trying to make an important point. The MSN site is sending Opera users what appear to be intentionally distorted pages. The Bork edition illustrates how browsers could also distort content, as the Bork edition does. The real point here is that the success of the Web depends on software and Web site developers behaving well and rising above corporate rivalry."

In this case, it's just a matter of extreme impoliteness on the part of Microsoft, since it's their own content they are screwing up, which they have a theoretical right to do. And technically, Opera shouldn't be doing what they are doing, because it isn't their content to muck up. However, the poetic justice is undeniable, and the demonstation of the power (and corresponding responsibility) of browser makers (and browser plug-in makers) to make sure they don't corrupt messages is well-taken.


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