Wordnet GUI Browser released

posted Feb 17, 2003

It took longer then I might have liked but I've just finished a preliminary version of the wordnet browser I wanted to build so I could see what's going on. Download it here, bzunzip2 and untar it, and run jeremy.py.

The GUI will pop up. Type the words you want to examine into the text box and hit "Refresh Tree" to refresh the tree. The weighting method can be selected, along with the sense decay. (The Weighting Weight is currently not used, but will be used to tweak the weighting method later.)

I had to do a lot of refactoring to get this to work right, so a lot of the menu commands probably won't work. Most of them aren't relevant anyhow, but Outline->Expand All, which will be very useful to you, should work.

Note you must type in text, and select a weighting method, before the outline menu will work at all, so don't be afraid if it doesn't seem to open before you enter text.

Enjoy; it's a bit rough right now but it will improve.


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