"Wage Peace"

posted Feb 24, 2003

I saw a "Wage Peace" sign today, obviously homemade, and for some reason it set me off thinking.

It occurs to me that the whole War/Peace dichotomy is a fraud. There is no War, there is no Peace, there is only Life and Death. A War can save Lives. A Peace can Kill. There is no contradiction, because they are not opposite.

I am on the side of Life, whatever that takes. If there is a War that will save Lives, I am in favor of it. If there is a Peace that is Killing, then the peace should be broken.

I believe that deposing Saddam will save lives. I am in favor of another Gulf War. I think we should have finished the job last time, and I hope yet again the lesson is learned about the dangers of leaving governments in power who shouldn't have it.

I do not concede any moral high ground to the Peace protesters. The Peace you defend is a peace where a highly skilled and sadistic, ruthless, psychopathic dictator is left in charge of millions of people. That is being on the side of Death. To hell with you and your Peace.

Take a stand that requires real guts, real sacrifice, and real moral courage: Wage Life!


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