Reaction to previous post

posted Mar 17, 2003

In reaction to my previous post, Rafe posts an update...

My intention was to talk a bit about how Perl and Java differ, not explain how one should construct a program.

Yes, and I was one meta above that. I should have made it more clear we were discussing different levels.

He also says that you should avoid Perl's idioms, but then the question I ask is whether you should use Perl at all? I know sometimes you have no choice ...

That's what it is in this case. I work on a mod_perl application, and I came on the project quite a few years after that decision was made. My opinion on that issue is quite irrelevant. ;-) Also, considering when the system was started, mod_perl was the best of many evils; having used ASP, it beats the hell out of that. So in context, I actually support the use of perl in this instance.


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