Criticisms of criticisms

posted Mar 19, 2003

Who can avoid talking about the war? My feeling on the war is now on record, I suppose (support, contingent on dedicated and sincere attempt to reconstruct Iraq; if it self-destructs it should be despite our efforts, not because of them), but I wanted to comment on a couple of criticisms that I feel are either disingenuous or invalid.

There's room for a lot of opinions on these issues going each way; the world is now directly in the middle of a major transition to a new way of doing business that started in 1990 with the collapse of the Soviet Union, and the on-going development of powerful weapons technologies cheap enough for any country to acquire. Things probably won't finish shaking down until 2010 or so, roughly, and things won't look the way they did before. (Look for the concept of "sovereignity" to undergo a lot of changes, for instance, as the world keeps shrinking.) There's a lot of new ambiguity and uncertainty. If nothing else, if you oppose the Bush administration's views, you do nothing to convince others by attacking shallow characterizations of it. It's not stupidity, and it's not simple bloodlust.

Yes, personally I think we're largely doing the right thing. But even more important to me is a true and honest debate. Slinging facile and naive characterizations around only hurts everybody, most especially the accusors. Know thy enemy.


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