Next chapter probably tommorow

posted Jun 05, 2003
in Communication Ethics

I had thought that the next chapter of the essay would be available today, but I started working on it and ended up nearly completely rewriting the majority of it. Funny how the prospect of actually publishing something like this can cause your standards to suddenly rise.

This was probably the oldest chapter in the work, and it's also the most foundational, so a re-write is probably a good idea. The only bad news is now I have to propogate some of the changes through the rest of the chapters. Bleh. Writing bigs things with lots of dependencies stinks sometimes; programs are much easier to deal with, at least the way I write them.

I want to sit on this overnight and try to do one last pass tommorow to remove things such as egregious redundencies like "the real world communication that happens in the real world." (Literal quote.) Otherwise I'd publish today.


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