Next chapter delayed

posted Jun 27, 2003
in Communication Ethics

The next chapter of the Communication Ethics essay will be delayed; it was a little unfinished and is subsequently getting somewhat re-written, plus I want to sit on it for at least a day and look at it with fresh eyes.

As an example of the types of serendipity I'm experiencing even as I write this, I found a new connection today between this chapter and the eighth chapter, which I think really helps clarify the eighth chapter and make it easier to understand. This, as you might expect, may also delay the eighth chapter as it may need to be somewhat re-written to accomodate this.

It really is pleasent how well this all fits together, though.

Sorry for the delay, inasmuch as you were all drooling with desire for it anyhow, right? It will be much improved for the extra time.


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