My Email is Down

posted Sep 12, 2003

My email has been down for several days now and I have no idea when it will come up again. While I doubt anybody has sent me anything truly important (job offers), and those who would have sent me that kind of important thing aren't reading this site (job offers), I thought I should get this out there. It's beginning to seriously annoy me because I don't know what's going on or when it will clear up.

In other news (while I've got you), noticed how the posting frequency has noticably jumped in the last few days? I'm coming up on the end of my Communication Ethics essay, and it's freeing up my "blogging time" for actual blogging. (Shoud be done in a couple more days, and I'm waiting for my email to return in case people want to email me comments before posting, so who knows when that will be?) I've got a significant backlog of posts, including a major update to my Weblog Communities piece (is weblogging journalism? better question, is traditional journalism worth calling journalism?), a post on why we really need to stop treating corporations like people, how to read and write reviews, and a few other things too.


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