Request for Help

posted Sep 22, 2003

I'm tired of being told what to think. Even by people I ostensibly agree with.

Does anyone have a good resource for reasonably unbiased news? By which I mean reasonably objectively unbiased news. Obviously one can go to CSPAN and watch the source, but nobody has time for that.

In particular, I'm envisioning a news source that provides simple summaries of important speeches with an effort to avoid bias. I mention this criterion since I think it can be determined relatively objectively. I'd like to expand this but I'm having a hard time making sure objectivity can be maintained.

I'm looking for the Cliff's Notes of news, here: straightforward summarization of the important points. RSS a plus. Statistical techniques used to determine what constitutes a "story" a big plus. (Imagine that, an honest cross-section of even one day.)

Mail me or link to this article so it shows in my referrers if you have a lead. I'll point to the good stuff... if there is any.

Maybe if this stuff still doesn't exist in a couple of years I'll create a site where people can dynamically collaborate on summarizing speeches as they are made... by then I'll have the technology.


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