Big News (for me)

posted Oct 05, 2003
in Communication Ethics

Four months after graduating, I have finally gotten a job! I think it's going to work out pretty well. I feel much better about things now.

The commute home to my current residence from work is two hours and fifteen minutes, assuming everything goes perfectly. I'm working on moving as quickly as possible to something closer to the area. (Fortunately my wife actively wants to move and is very excited about this all.) As a result my Internet connection will be in and out over the next couple of weeks.

Therefore, I won't publish the final chapter of my essay until my life has stabalized a bit. Call me an optimist but I'd like to hope it causes a bit of a reaction and I'd like to have the Internet connection to respond to it with. It is done, though, so it'll be up soon, next couple of weeks.

In other news, if you're reading this, you're getting this off of the new server. Hopefully everything will work OK.

Boy, it's a relief to finally have a job. I didn't expect to graduate into near joblessness after a Masters in computer science. Thank goodness I got something before the student loans started to come up...


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