iRights is dead... long live iRights

posted Dec 03, 2003

iRights is dead.

The mission of this weblog since Jan. 2000 has been to track the development of rights on the Internet. I've been eclipsed in every significant way by people with more time and perhaps more importantly, more real domain knowlege. LawMeme, Groklaw, Privacy Digest, and many other sites are doing a better job then I can.

With the publication of my Communication Ethics essay, I no longer have very much significant to say in this domain, other then occasional references to the essay. To me, it's a sign of the maturity of the piece that I have felt no great desire to modify it, or encountered a situation that I find the ethics espoused in that essay, but it makes for a rather boring weblog.

I feel constrained by the fact that I have declared a format for the weblog. I find myself making posts on Slashdot that belong here, even though they are not "rights" based. So I'm retooling this weblog to become the standard "generic" weblog, posting what I want, when I want. (It's not like I've ever been 100% on topic, but I've tried.)

Thus, I am making the following changes:

This weblog will now focus more on my musings (as in my writings; if you like those you'll continue to like my weblog, I hope, I won't just post anything and everything), my development work (about which more in a future post), and more general world topics (reconnecting to the weblog world). If you do not like this, now's your chance to unsubscribe ;-)

Here's to new names, and new beginnings!


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