posted Sep 23, 2001

Don’t Press the Panic Button
'Congress is being asked to rush to pass emergency antiterrorist legislation written by the Department of Justice. House Committee hearings are scheduled for Friday, Senate hearings for Tuesday, and the DOJ is demanding the bill be enacted by the end of the week. It would be a serious mistake for Congress leaders to force this legislation into law without careful scrutiny, because much of the legislation turns out to have nothing to do with fighting terrorism. Instead, the legislation contains a host of items which have been on bureaucratic wish lists for many years....'

'Before voting for any bill — and especially for a bill on a fast-forward agenda — congressmen have an obligation to read the bill. When they read the proposed new DOJ bill, they will find much that is unnecessary, and more that is a serious threat to the Bill of Rights.'

The CDT also has an analysis of the bill (PDF). My call: If this thing passes, anyone interested in liberty has lost. That's how critical this is. It'd be years before the Supreme Court got a case and could overturn this, and they'd probably have to do it in parts.



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