posted Oct 30, 2001

FBI Terror Detentions Questioned
'Civil liberties groups are demanding that the U.S. government disclose information about hundreds of people who have been detained after the Sep. 11 attacks. At a press conference on Capitol Hill on Monday, the groups said it's time for the Justice Department to provide at least some details on the continuing investigation, such as how many people are detained, who has been charged with terrorism, and whether they've had access to attorneys.'

I love my country, but that doesn't mean I love everything it does, all the time. If there is a reason to hold a man, fine, hold him, but give the reason. If there's no reason, then let him go. Are we a freedom loving country, or a tyranny? That question is not answered by great acts, but by a series of little acts... and I don't think the little acts of holding a foriegner for no good given reason provides evidence for the "freedom loving" classification.



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