posted Oct 31, 2001

AlterNet -- TECHSPLOITATION: I'm a Terrorist Now
Hacking & Cracking, Internet-Weblog Culture, Polical Speech
'Now that the anti-terrorist USA Patriot Act has passed, I am officially a terrorist. Yes, it's true. Going by the various and sundry definitions of terrorist in this bill, you might be a terrorist too. If you have broken into and "damaged" any Internet-connected computer within the last eight years, you are now deemed a terrorist. That means if you have ever been the sort of hacktivist who protests political Web sites by defacing them or replacing their home page with one full of dissenting information, your crime will be deemed terrorism and punished accordingly.'

I don't endorse the call for action at the end of this article. But I'm not ready to "un"endorse it, either.



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