Grad Student Deconstructs Take-Out Menu

posted Jul 24, 2002

"I can't help it," Rosenblatt said. "Even when I close my eyes at night, I feel myself deconstructing things in my dreams—random stuff like that two-hour Dukes Of Hazzard reunion special or the Andy Warhol postage stamp or commercials for that new squeezable gel deodorant. I'd say I'm going crazy, but that presupposes an artificial barrier between societally preexisting concepts of 'sanity' and 'insanity' which themselves represent another false dichotomy maintained for the preservation of certain entrenched elements of the status quo and... Oh, God. I'm doing it again."

One of the better Onion bits I've seen in a while.

I've met people like this...! Perhaps the funniest part of the joke is that a postmodern deconstructionist would not see the joke; one can quite easily imagine a PhD thesis on desconstucting fast food menus, as the story's picture does...


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