posted Feb 11, 2004

Reading the comments in this Roger Simon post about the President's Sunday interview reminds me of one of my fond wishes: Just once, I'd like to hear the President publically say something like "You know, it's easy to point out that I'm not the best speech giver in the world. It's a lot harder to plot the course of the free world." Something to just cheese off as many pundits as possible, while being politically a null statement (except for the effects of cheesed-off-based punditry). Along with being fun for me, it might even prove to his benefit since the Democrats really need to control their bretheren who feel inclined to put forth rants of questionable sanity; those folk would be unable to resist frothing at the mouth.

Probably not a good thing for discourse in the short term, but anything that cycles the ranters out of politics faster is fine by me. I largely agree with the President's Iraq policies but I am truly disturbed by the lack of credible opposition; even the good points are too frequently buried under intolerable levels of screech.


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