posted Sep 16, 2004

So far, barring major changes in policy by Kerry, I still plan to vote Bush on the grounds that the problems I have with Bush are just totally unaddressed by Kerry.

Here's an example: Russia has slid back to a dictatorship and Bush doesn't much care. We aren't looking at a repeat of the Cold War (the USSR lost economically and the gap has only widened), but this is a big deal, because they have nukes.

As I pointed out w.r.t. Iraq, we could never trust "Iraq" because we weren't dealing with "Iraq", we were dealing with Saddam Hussein, and a single person that powerful is always dangerous. (Note in that link I refer to being able to trust the USSR; in that case I refer to the post-Stalin era where no one person ever had quite the free reign he did again.) Even if we could trust Putin, can we trust his unknown successor?

Have we learned nothing from the Cold War? Alliances of convenience with dictators end up convenient only for the dictator.

Kerry could win major points with me by coming out and firmly saying this is a negative development. (Heck, I'll even spot him the de riguer vague claims it is Bush's fault and vague claims that he can do better and ignore the lack of detail, since he apparently will still be ahead of Bush on this topic just seeing there is a problem here.) Just like he could win major points condemning the Patriot Act (I'll forgive his vote for it since it was a rush job), condemning the absurd security measures that trade liberty for no security, or taking a stand on Copyright or Patent issues, or any of a large number of other things that don't involve Vietnam or the National Guard.

I'm not holding my breath.

Update: Here's another great example of "no significant differences": So Nature Magazine sent 15 questions to the two candidates about science and collected their responses. Most of the responses fit into these two patterns:

"What do you think should be done about X?"Bush: My administration has done Y about X.Kerry: I will do Y, but I will do it better than Bush.

(I assume the two candidates did not see the other's responses.)

Both candidates in usison: We will allocate more money for X.

(And I can't help but observe that Congress sets budgets, not the President.)

Exceptions (both questions and answers summarized):

That's it, only two questions really that don't fit the patterns, and one that had a difference worth mentioning.

Why should I vote for Kerry, other than the theoretical diffences that he has with regard to Iraq?

Kerry: I will do what Bush would do, only better.



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