This is a test

posted Oct 27, 2004

This is a test post. This is almost, but not quite, only a test post.

I got suspend-to-disk working, for suitably small values of working, on my Linux laptop a couple of weeks ago. Since it boots up so much more quickly from a suspend, I was using it instead of a conventional power-down. Last Saturday, I took my machine down to a family re-union for a family file exchange.

Except it wouldn't come back from suspend. Reasons unknown.

Turns out that's a bad thing. Basically, every file that was open at the time disappeared off the face of the Earth. That may not sound so bad, except for the various critical files the OS has open at any given time. Oops.

I spent a lot of time trying to recover the install, but ultimately failed. No data loss, but a big time loss. I had to re-install everything. This is a test to see if I've got PyDS still working; if so, the third Myth will be posted shortly. I'm shuffling this one forward from my original list because it is topical to the election and I want to make sure it gets out there before Nov. 2, and my connection will be unreliable then, due to moving.

Someday, in my Copious Free TimeTM, I really need to dig in and discover what this "journalled file system" thing is all about. I thought it was supposed to ensure the disk was never in an inconsistant state, so that at any time you could forcibly power the system down and not spontaneously lose files and directories. I'm pretty sure that's the advertisement. All I know is that they have failed me, over and over. So I'm not really sure what they are good for....


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