Stupid Students of Michigan State University upset that potential ban on public urination will affect the school's party status

posted Feb 01, 2005

I thank Fark for this link to my alumnus newspaper. Really gives me the warm fuzzies to see it show up on a site largely devoted to links that highlight stupidity in one form or another. I wanted to point this quote out:

English junior Jennifer Lee said she does not agree with the consequences of urinating in public and sees the act as harmless.

"It would affect the party scene at MSU," she said. "It happens on the weekend when people are intoxicated."

This is almost a canonical example of one of those articles where the journalist didn't really need to seek out an opposing opinion, just for the sake of having an opposing opinion; that's supposed to be more a loose guideline than iron-clad law. But congrats to Jennifer Lee, and here's wishing her a lucrative life as a talking head, which is probably about the best she can hope for with an English degree and now an established record of partying....


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