Wart removal testimonial

posted Jul 19, 2006

For at least the last six months, I have been fighting two warts on my foot. (Don't worry, no pictures will be in this post.) I have spent at least $100 on various treatments over that time period, probably more, and basically, they have had no effect. I could knock the warts back, but leaving them alone for three or four days returned them to full strength.

My wife finally reminded me of how much we had spent and announced that I should seek a doctor. We'd be paying full price for the doctor, so I decided to look around one last time for other, cheaper wart cures.

As I did so, I came upon several articles talking about a treatment that I had remembered seeing in the news a while ago: Duct tape. In short, you cover the wart with duct tape for six out of seven days. I used a second medical tape to hold the duct tape in position; it may be possible to simple cut yourself a piece to wrap around the entire toe if your toe doesn't get irritated. I also don't think there is any particular reason to believe it has to be the same piece for six days straight, though that was the protocol tested.

It has worked like a charm; the warts have receded just about as quickly as possible. In the first day, they hurt a little more than they had before, but after that they pretty much vanished in two weeks.

This isn't a scientific result, because I am a sample of one, and technically the study was done on people all younger than me, but I figured that from a wart's point of view the age of the skin wouldn't matter much. I'm also fairly certain this isn't a case of the conventional treatment fixing the problem and then crediting the unconventional treatment because I had been getting nowhere for a long time on the conventional treatments. This new treatment was far better, immediately.

My plan in the future is to jump straight to duct tape treatment in the future, and I would recommend that to anybody reading this.

The study said that if it was going to work, it'll work visibly in the first two weeks; if it hasn't obviously done something by then you'll have to find a different treatment. But given the price of the treatment and its high effectiveness, it's worth trying once to see if it'll work for you.


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