posted Oct 22, 2006

I'm continuing work on my new weblog system, which should allow commenting and just generally modernize things.

I've got the basic HTML rendering working, but I've got to write the RSS feed now, and categories aren't quite up yet.

I really ought to scare-quote "write" because it's hardly worthy of the term. Throwing together a weblog with Django is pretty trivial. For instance, Django has a module for generating RSS so I won't really be "writing" RSS support so much as hooking it up to my particular idea of what an "entry" is. So far I've only had one complaint about Django, which is that the admin site doesn't quite handle properly normalized databases as well as I'd like. (I wanted to have a "text" table, that entries, comments, and other things could link to, but I couldn't convince the automatically-generated admin site to make text creation and entry creation into one step.) I can see why people coming from Java would get so excited about Ruby on Rails.

I'm pretty impressed; there's a couple of things I'd do differently and I'm going to need to check character encoding because I'm not convinced it's doing the right thing and generating UTF-8 all the time, but overall it's an extremely solid platfrom.


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