posted Dec 12, 2006

An "unbeatable" Clinton-Obama ticket?

You know, just on general principles I don't really want our President sequence to go "Bush, Clinton, Bush, Clinton".

And even more strongly on the same principles, I don't want to see "Bush, (Clinton,) Bush, Bush", so Jeb, unless you are a political genious please don't run.

300 million people in this country and only one family and one marriage is Presidential material?

If we're really lucky, 2008 will be Clinton vs. Bush. Won't that be fun.


Chelsea Clinton was born in 1980, and a President must be at least 35 years old according to the constitution, which she will be in 2015, so if President Hillary Clinton serves 2008-2012 and 2012-2016, Chelsea will be just old enough to take over.

Alternatively, we could elect Hillary Clinton, then we could go Jeb Bush, then, even at one term each, Chelsea Clinton will be ready to take the Presidency.

But it looks like the Bushes will win this fight long term; Bush Senior isn't even out of children yet, and there's a lot of spouses left. The (Rodham-)Clintons would need to start going to their extended family or something once they tap Chelsea, which just goes to show you that Steyn may be on to something with that demography stuff.

The United States is so rich, we have not one but two royal lines of succession! Take that, all you poor, enfeebled European monarchies!


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