posted Dec 12, 2006

I've been watching my weblogs (by which I mean the actual web server logs) scroll by to make sure everything's kosher and fixing up little things here and there.

It's an interesting view of your website; I'm not sure I've ever really watched a weblog for hours at a time before. One interesting point: While I'm sure my experience isn't necessarily representative, the online feed readers have really taken off. I suppose if even I've converted to Google's reader, and I tend to prefer local clients to web clients, that means something. (The only aggregator that I've been happy with on Linux is also a complete, absolute dog. 20 feeds shouldn't result in multi-second bouts of 100% CPU usage several times an hour; it was noticably degrading general performance. Parsing RSS isn't that hard.) I'd estimate two thirds of my subscribers are on online clients, and that's just the ones that I can tell; some online readers like the Earthlink's don't give reader statistics in the User-Agent.

It's also interesting how many browsers put "Mozilla/4.0" in the string, including several web crawlers, and the rest put "Mozilla/5.0" in the string. Mozilla-based browsers may only have 10%-15% market share, but you'd never know that from a naive reading of the User-Agent strings, where it's still 1996.


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