posted Jan 07, 2007

Well, that was fast.

UPDATE: So far the big announcement is that new Bravia TVs will stream HD content via the Internet, in partnership with Yahoo, AOL, and Grouper. The "Bravia Internet Video Link" will be a small module that will fit to the back of the TV, and connect directly to the Internet without a PC. And the service is free. - Instapundit

Not even two weeks have gone by since I predicted set top boxes would do just that. (It may be quasi-integrated into the TV but it's probably basically a set-top box inside; I can't think of any technical reason why such a box wouldn't work on other televisions. It must be a branding thing.)

The difference between putting a Microsoft computer at the center of your home entertainment system and a dedicated, locked-down customized set-top box moves ever closer to merely cost, and nothing more.


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