posted May 18, 2007

It's been a bit quiet here because I've been very busy. My long waiting game is over and I finally have a new job with Barracuda Networks. They are most famous for their effective spam firewall appliance, but I'll be working on the IM Firewall appliance (which may be slightly misnamed; it provides IM server services and ships with a client, it's not just a "filter").

They're opening an office in Ann Arbor, but to interview I had to fly out to California, and I'll be spending some time in Cali before the office opens. That probably won't affect my blog much though. If anything it'll help it. :)

As long as I'm here with a general status report-type post... Programming Wisdom stalled because I've been very unsatisfied how the next section came out. I think I finally got it straightened out, and I'll probably have it ready next Monday. It took four tries to get it right.


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