Rove Who?

posted Aug 13, 2007

So I'm reading the coverage on Karl Rove and it suddenly occurs to me, I don't really get why he's hated.

George Bush, I understand why he's hated. (Not asking for examples, that one's been beaten to death, thanks.)

Bill Clinton, I understand why he was hated.

Congress, I understand why they're hated.

But Karl Rove... what exactly did he do to be so hated? I mean, beyond being the scum of the Earth, deserving of every form of execution known to man, and all the other hyperbolic things I've seen today. How did he earn actually earn those labels?

What concrete things would putatively be better for his enemies had he never been?

I have no idea. Given how much venom I've read about the guy, it occurs to me that's rather odd. Is it simply that he got Bush elected?

This is an honest question. Feel free to answer, but as I seem to be really asking for it with that sort of invitation, please keep it concrete and spittle-free.

Update: "Anon Ymous" provides a good summary link, relatively long on substance and short on spittle IMHO. I think I'd summarize it by saying the concrete things I'm looking for don't really exist, since he acted through others since he was an advisor, which explains the vagueness I saw.


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