posted Sep 03, 2007

From the "How Much is a Terabyte" dept: As of this writing, this 320GB external USB hard drive is $80 at Best Buy. If you're willing to work with me a smidge, that's $240 for close-enough-to-a-terabyte.

I'm not claiming that the cheapest you can get, either, it's just the best bang-for-the-buck at Best Buy (usually on the expensive side) this week.

What do you do with 320GB? Well, I'm mostly using it for backup. With that I can back up my laptop and my wife's laptop hard drive. As an uncompressed image. And still have ~80GB left over.

Which in a way strikes me as even more amazing. 320GBs of hard drive, and I bought it as a backup device, to spend most of its life powered off, in a closet. That's progress.


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