M-O-V, I-N-G, S-U-C-K-S

posted Dec 20, 2007

And if the tune of the title doesn't immediately come to you, give it a few reads aloud. It's a little ditty my wife has put together.

I'm officially a homeowner now, to the extent that you own something the bank owns 95% of. It's nice, but it's taking forever for various reasons to put everything together.

For instance, it was very nice of Mother Nature to cover my new driveway in eight inches of snow the day after the move. (Could be worse, could have been the day of.)

Tidbit: I have long complained about the slow speed of Comcast's digital cable boxes. The first one I tried would literally take five seconds or more to respond to single button presses. By "literally" I mean "measured on my watch". This is unusable.

Their new boxes respond in a quarter to half second; I can still see it and it's not quite to the "pleasure" stage, but it's much more usable. Pages come up more quickly too.

This has unfortunately orphaned my TiVo, for various technical reasons, but I have hope that Comcast TiVos may actually be on their way. Of course, for all I know it'll be six years before they get here, but who knows? (Theoretically, it shouldn't take them that long to roll out.)

Hey! Comcast Tivo! Brighton, Michigan, OK?

Shouldn't we get like some sort of official domusaternity leave for moving into a house or something?

And how am I actually supposed to move out of this thing after I bulk it up a bit?


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