Superhero Economics

posted Feb 09, 2008

Shamus posted a challenge, which went (in part):

I enjoyed the discussion the other day on the various uses and uselessness of super abilities. It is surprisingly difficult to benefit the world, even when you wield fantastic powers. Imagine if you were granted the following:
  • Incredible strength....
  • You can fly....
  • You are functionally indestructible....

...I’m annoyed at how useless I would be, in the big scheme of things. I couldn’t solve any of the world’s major problems. I couldn’t even solve the small ones.... [more interesting discussion]

...How would you make the world better with the powers listed above?

I posted a reply about hiring out your services, but a poster called "ngthagg" posted a link to a more fleshed-out superset of my suggestions, Superman Needs an Agent, which I found intriguing enough to post.


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