posted Sep 10, 2013

I had a dream this morning that my workplace had so suddenly shut down that there was nothing in the office when I got there, except a sign telling us that due to financial shenanigans the entire office had to be immediately liquidated, and a whole bunch of my coworkers milling around being angry about it.

Since I work for a tech company, this is quite silly. The assets of a tech company aren't anything interesting at all compared to the people, and an emergency fire sale would hardly recover anything of value.

Fortunately, I don't live in that universe and my job was still there this morning. Phew!

After that part of the dream, I encountered Captain Malcolm Reynolds sitting down for a man-to-man talk with his six-year-old son. I saw Kaylee there too, and asked her what season this was. "Eight or nine, I think" she replied.

Nooooo... come back, dreamuniverse! I can get a new job more easily than I can get new Firefly! noooooooooooo....


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