Announcing BlogBooks

posted Mar 06, 2007

Generally, when I'm this quiet, it's because I'm simply not writing for iRi. But this last month has been an exception; I've been implementing one of those things that made me write my own weblogging platform in the first place: "BlogBook"s.

A BlogBook is a way of tying together a series of posts into a cohesive whole like a book. It's intended to help with my larger projects that just don't fit into the "isolated weblog post" mold, because they require too much context.

By way of testing out how well it works, I've ported The Ethics of Modern Communication over to the new code. There are still some anomalies with the port (in particular some of the diagrams are too big), but for now that's the way it is. Other than "the figures are too big!", comments welcome about how it looks. I'm particularly concerned about the way the interspersed "Comment" links look while you're trying to read it, and other such comments about the reading experience.

It is an open issue how well this will work. Some bits of my old book don't work at all as a "blog post", but we'll see whether it works out better when I'm deliberately trying to make things work both as blog posts and as part of a book.

BlogBooks also have their own RSS feed for the constituent entries. (Subscribing to the Communication Ethics feed is pretty pointless, though, as that one is probably done.) It's also an open question as to whether I may also include a smaller "essay" division; while Government Myths is by no means a book, it's definitely too long for a single blog post, and would benefit from the book code's ability to structure the whole. (And I've got a couple other such multi-post essays buried in the structureless-muck here.)

So you know where I'm going with this, I have two or three further truly book-length books planned out right now:

Now you know what's coming. I hope you enjoy it. If not, at least I'll have gotten this stuff out of my head. (And blogging seems like less of a waste of time in general when you end up with a concrete artifact you can point at like a book.)


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