Class DOMWrap

Defined in widgetsBasic.js

This widget wraps any DOM node and provides the Widget functionality. Use this when you have something that doesn't really need to be a fully-fledged custom widget, but where you'd still like to tap into Widget capabilities, such as the cascading lookup support.

This is probably one of those things you can't think of a use for, until one day you suddenly need it. (I use it to dynamically create buttons that, when clicked, want to fire an event into another Widget, which the Widget event system handles by design.)

Relevant Parameters:


As a wrapper, the root .domNode will inherit everything ("*"), so you can use setAttribute and .getAttribute just as you would on the widget. (For methods, you have to go to DOM(widget); sorry, if Javascript had a __getattr__ like Python or something, I'd finish the transparent delegation, but it doesn't...

Field Summary
 Object content
          Do not every create a default; if the user doesn't supply something, game over.
Constructor Summary
DOMWrap ()
            Wraps any DOM node
Method Summary
 Object getAttribute(key)
 void initDOM(atts)
 void set_domNode(nodeSpec)
 void setAttribute(key, value)

Field Detail


Object content

Constructor Detail



Method Detail


Object getAttribute(key)


void initDOM(atts)


void set_domNode(nodeSpec)


void setAttribute(key, value)

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