Class FormSubmitWidget

Defined in widgetsBasic.js

FormSubmitWidget encapsulates submitting a form. If you really go to town with dynamic Javascript interfaces, it is nice not to have to worry about creating literal form elements for your submission.

This simple widget creates a form with nothing in it, so there is no user-visible node on the screen. When .submit(argObj), the form will be submitted as normal in HTTP forms.


The <form> element of the FormSubmitWidget inherits all attributes ("*"), so set the form up with .setAttribute() as you would in HTML.

Field Summary
 Object content
Constructor Summary
FormSubmitWidget ()
            Widget for submitting values to an HTTP form, automatically creating fields as needed.
Method Summary
 void submit(argObj)
           Do the form submission.

Field Detail


Object content

Constructor Detail



Method Detail


void submit(argObj)

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