Class SelectWidget

Defined in widgetsBasic.js

SelectWidget is a wrapper around the <select> widget, because it is a pain to deal with in .content specifications.

Terminology note: I refer to what the user sees on the screen as the human choice, and what the widget returns as the value as the computer choice. For example, with <option value='#FF0000'>red</option>, the human value is "red", but the computer value is "#FF0000".

Relevant Parameters:


The <select> DOM node inherits everything ("*").

Constructor Summary
SelectWidget ()
            SelectWidget - a wrap around <select>
Method Summary
 void addOption(computerValue, humanValue)
           Adds a single option to the end of the widget.
 void empty()
           empty - remove all choices from the widget

Constructor Detail



Method Detail


void addOption(computerValue, humanValue)


void empty()

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