Prose over video or audio

So if I want to absorb something complicated quickly - or even, when I need to do so, slowly - the efficient way to help me is to write it out first. When you think of it, the time compression between reading and writing is quite astonishing: the thriller that lasts for half a plane journey will have taken half a year to write.....

... Just for an experiment, try listening to the television news while not watching the pictures. You will be just as well informed and half your attention has been freed for other things. You will also notice - without the distractions - that hardly anything of any interest has been said at all. If you just read a transcript of what has been said, you will have learned even more, and in even less time. - This article is not available as a podcast or a videoblog

Via dangerousmeta!.

Reminds me of my mission statement.